On September 18th and 19th, a very popular event called Dri Tri will be held at Orangetheory Fitness Hachioji.

It’s a non-wet triathlon, with participants working hard on treadmills, weight training, and rowing machine exercises.
I will support the challenges of the participants on the morning of the 18th. It’s the fastest Dri Tri in Japan, and the first finisher there could possibly be the fastest one in the whole world🌏
If you are interested in Dri Tri, please contact the staff.

オレンジセオリーフィットネスの大人気イベントDri Tri(濡れないトライアスロン)がついに今週末開催されます🍊✨
土曜日の8:30には運動量が半分のSPRINTがあり、これは日本でもっとも早いDri Triです。